In order to perform OCR (add a text layer) on your documents, you first have to transfer the data to us.  The following options are available:

1.  Physical transfer:  If you are located in the metro Atlanta area we can pick up your hard drive or other storage media.

2.  Mail: If you are outside the metro Atlanta area, you can mail the storage drives to us.  Please use Fedex, UPS, or USPS mail with tracking only.  The safest option is to encrypt your data prior to transit, but we understand that this precaution is often not practical.

3.  Electronic transfer:  You can upload files to our servers via secure ftp.  Due to our clients’ large document collections and limited bandwidth, this option is usually unworkable due to time contraints.  If your upload bandwidth is sufficient compared with the document collection size, please contact us for secure ftp details.