What we do – Most simply stated, the DocSpotlight product:

1. Adds a text layer to PDF images you receive in a discovery exchange

2. Provides a fast, searchable database, securely accessible from anywhere you have Internet access

What we do not do – We currently do not scan paper documents or provide e-discovery services other than image to text OCR conversions and search databases.  We may offer additional products in the future, but are currently focused on providing great service with our current products.

A summary of our process:

1.  You provide your received electronic discovery  to us (available methods listed here)

2.  We run an OCR process on the documents to recognize printed text

3.  We create a secure virtual server database on which you can effectively search your documents

Although we believe our product is currently state-of-the-art, we market our product to small and medium-sized law firms.  We have found that large firms have solutions already integrated into their technology platforms.  Our product levels the playing field in the area of OCR/search.

Our product is best suited for large PDF collections (>10,000 pages), which are difficult to process with standard desktop software applications.